years of service in the import and export of agricultural products

Atlas Fruit started its operation in 2003 and is active in the import and export of agricultural products.

It soon became one of the fastest growing Greek companies, with specialized personnel in the field of standardization and export of fruits and vegetables, with emphasis on sustainable development and quality assurance practices.

Atlas Fruit will be transformed into Atlas Fruit Hellas by 2023, and its main objective is to open a new chapter in fruit and vegetable distribution in Greece.

All the packaging of the products distributed by Atlas Fruit Hellas is made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.


Export network

The 21 years of experience of "Atlas Fruit Hellas" in handling and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, together with the application of the most modern technologies and the most reliable quality assurance systems, make it possible to distribute quality products throughout the European Union and in any market worldwide.

Some of the countries to which the goods are exported are: Germany, France, England, Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.


The vision of Atlas Fruit Hellas is:

To promote sustainable agriculture and provide quality agricultural products to consumers worldwide.

Develop long-term relationships with farmers and producers, providing them with a stable market and greater economic security.

To provide innovative solutions and technologies to improve product quality.

To support the local community and contribute to the development of the rural economy and its prosperity.